In 1987 a task force was commissioned to conduct research regarding substance abuse or substance related issues. 15 Collin County professional individuals sought out this information and presented their findings to the Collin County Commissioners in the Spring of 1988.

The program would serve six main objectives to the residents of Collin County:
  • Substance abuse information resource
  • Community education programs
  • Promote early intervention
  • Advocate for the development of necessary services
  • Provide community organization
  • Promote local public policies aimed at prevention, early intervention, and treatment.

The Collin County Substance Abuse Program was established in 1990 with an initial budget of $150,000.
The first year Collin County Substance Abuse Program was opened to serve Collin County residents, 1990-1991, 58 clients were served.

Collin County Substance Abuse Program has provided services to our community for nearly 25 years. This program has served an annual average of 2500 Collin County residents, schools, community organizations, Collin County agencies, and State agencies.