Substance Abuse: Services


Collin County Substance Abuse Program (CCSAP) has been active since the 1990's aiding Collin County residents in the development of a safe and sober community especially for our children. It is the belief of the CCSAP staff that through educational presentations and trainings the use of drugs and alcohol may be prevented among our youth. The CCSAP Program Coordinator regularly speaks to our youth in their classrooms and to parents in the community about the dangers of addiction. We work closely with our Collin County schools, the Juvenile Probation Department and other community and state agencies that help in aiding in the protection of our children to link our youth in need with area treatment providers. The substance abuse assessment takes about an hour and a half and it consists of a one-on-one structured interview with the parent(s) and the child individually and together. Standardized questionnaires are used to determine the extent/level of the students’ involvement with alcohol/drugs. Then, at the end of the evaluation, the licensed counselor advises the parents on what steps to take to best help their child and the family.


CCSAP provides substance abuse evaluations to all Collin County residents. The substance abuse evaluation helps to identify those clients with drug and alcohol issues and provide referrals to the most appropriate services to help them develop a life style of sobriety and recovery. Adult assessments cost $40.00 and last from 30 minutes to an hour. Reassessments for adults who have been evaluated within a 12 month period or individuals who were referred by will be charged $60.00. Adolescent evaluations are free. If you or a loved one are in a crisis and need assistance please call or walk-in to schedule an appointment. Because of the ever-present demand, CCSAP requires set appointments.


CCSAP does not provide on-going substance abuse treatment but will provide referrals to area agencies that do. During the assessment process the licensed counselor will provide referrals to the most appropriate services for each client along with contact information to area agencies that provide these services.

Speakers Bureau

The CCSAP Program Coordinator is available to speak to community groups about alcohol, drugs and related issues, free of charge.