Substance Abuse: A National Tragedy

The Problem

In Collin County and across America, 18 million persons abuse or are addicted to alcohol. Tobacco causes 400,000 deaths each year, killing more people than AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, suicides and fires combined. And nearly half of all Americans say they know someone with a drug problem.

The toll of substance abuse can be measured in lost lives and dollars spent dealing with its effects. Each year there are more deaths and disabilities from substance abuse than from any other preventable cause. Of 2 million deaths each year, one in four is attributable to alcohol, illicit drug, or tobacco use.

The cost of dealing with illicit drugs alone approaches $67 billion annually. Every man, woman and child in America pays nearly $1,000 a year to cover the costs of unnecessary health care, additional law enforcement, auto accidents, crime and lost productivity resulting from substance abuse.

The problematic use of alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco places an enormous burden on society, harming health, family life, the economy and public safety. No segment of society is immune to its effects.

At Home

Substance abuse can tear families apart, cause pain and injury, and lead to domestic violence, failed marriages, and child abuse or neglect.

At School

Substance abuse is negatively affecting the quality of education in our nation’s schools, from elementary level to college campuses.

In Our Communities

Substance abuse doesn’t just hurt the abuser. Its effects echo throughout our communities, resulting in crime, unemployment, unsafe streets, and lost neighborhoods.

In the Criminal Justice System

Illicit drugs and alcohol are partners in crime. The link is visible every day in the nation’s courtrooms, jails, and prisons.

In the Healthcare System

Substance abuse strains the national and local healthcare system. Billions of dollars are spent each year on the cost of treating a host of illnesses related to drinking, smoking, and illicit drug use.

Seek Assistance

If you are abusing substances or if you know someone who needs help, please call or visit a professional resource in your area. At Collin County Substance Abuse, your needs will be assessed by caring professionals who will provide access to local and national treatment providers. The information obtained in our office will always be confidential and will be released to others only on a ‘need to know basis’.