Court Process & Initial Interview

Offenders who plan to accept plea bargains for community supervision (probation) may expect the following and prepare accordingly:

  1. After sentencing by the judges, offenders will meet with supervision officers.
  2. Certain paperwork will then be completed. Those offenders wishing to save time may complete the applicable forms ahead of time and take them to the CSCD after their court hearings.
    1. Paperwork to be completed by those living in Collin County: Personal data sheet, CSCD Questionnaire
    2. Paperwork to be completed by those living anywhere else: Personal data sheet
  3. Documentation required for Out-of-State Transfers: Proof of residence (valid driver’s license or recent electric bill) and employment (recent paycheck stub) If unemployed, offenders must provide a letter of support from the person(s) providing financial support.
Relevant Forms

Personal Data Sheet (English Version)

Personal Data Sheet (Spanish Version)

CSCD Questionnaire

Early Intervention Psycho-Social History