Probationer Programs

The following is a list of probationer programs offered by the Collin County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. Offenders with questions about qualifications for any of the programs listed below may contact their assigned Supervision Officers. Complete details of each program are available on this website.

Sheriff's Convicted Offender Re-Entry Effort (S.C.O.R.E) is an intermediate sanction facility operated in a collaborative effort between CSCD and the Collin County Sheriff's Office. The focus of the program is to address each offender's specific needs related to criminal behavior in order to increase the offender's ability to successfully complete supervision... more

Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (S.A.F.P.F.) is an intensive six to nine month therapeutic community program in a prison setting. It is for offenders who are sentenced by judges as a condition of community supervision or as a modification of community supervision... more

Community Service
Some offenders are required by the court to perform community service as a condition of supervision. Hours must be worked at a nonprofit agency, excluding churches, approved by the department prior to the start of any commitment... more

The main goal of Treatment Alternative to Incarceration Program (T.A.I.P.) is to provide treatment to people whose criminal activity is related primarily to their substance abuse so that jails and prisons can be used for violent offenders and career criminals who present the most danger to their communities... more

Victim Impact Panel
The Victim Impact Panel is based on the belief that drunk drivers and potential drunk drivers need to hear what happened to the victims of drunk driving crashes... more

Contract Residential Substance Abuse Services
The Contract Residential Substance Abuse treatment program serves indigent offenders in need of residential substance abuse treatment... more

Specialized Caseloads

The Collin County Community Supervisions and Corrections department also offers programs for the following specialized caseload groups:

Supervision Officers work with offenders to determine if any of the programs offered in these groups are appropriate for their specific needs.

Random Drug Tests

Probationers need to call 888-906-1694 by 9:00 am, Monday through Friday, as long as they are assigned to the random call in system.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers to the questions commonly asked by probationers.

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