Sheriff's Convicted Offender Re-entry Effort


Program Eligibility Guidelines

Program Length (release is based upon participant progress):

Felony – Up to 2 years
Misdemeanor A – Up to 1 year
Misdemeanor B – Up to 180 days

Criminal History

CURRENT history required for pre-approval. Offenders with assaultive crimes are considered for placement on a case-by-case basis.

Physically and Mentally Sound

Offenders with physical and mental limitations are considered for placement on a case-by-case basis.

Reason for Placement in Program

Defendants may be ordered into the program as an initial condition of supervision, amended into the program as a sanction, volunteer to be placed in the program for cognitive/substance abuse assistance or as a result of a probation revocation.

Approval for Placement

Approval required by Collin County Sheriff's Office Chain of Command.


S.C.O.R.E. Mission Statement

The mission of the SCORE Program and its personnel is:

  1. To equip offenders with cognitive tools and decision making strategies in order to combat errors in thinking.
  2. To facilitate positive behavior change through education, pro-social modeling and accountability.
    1. To deter criminal behavior through the administration of sanctions.
  3. To motivate participants to exhibit positive behaviors by assisting in re-establishing control of their lives.

Our philosophy is that offenders should be held strictly responsible and accountable for their actions, while being provided alternative resources for positive and pro-social behavioral change.

Phase One – Inmate:

1.        Cognitive Thinking/Thinking Errors
2.        Thinking for a Change
3.        Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
4.        Parenting/Lifeskills
5.        Anger Management
6.        Substance Abuse Evaluation
7.        Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
           Individual and Group Counseling
8.        Physical Fitness Class
9.        AA/Overcomers/Celebrate Recovery
10.      Community Svc Hrs (400 Felony; 200 Misd)
11.      HIV/AIDS Education
12.      Probation Fee Waiver for Time Incarcerated
13.      Weekly Visitation
14.      GED Preparation and Testing

Phase Two – Aftercare (up to 1 year):

Defendants are required to attend a weekly one hour group meeting with other SCORE Alumni to address relapse prevention, combating errors in thinking and the overall recovery process.  Defendant will remain on the SCORE caseload and report 2 times per month and will be required to attend at least 2-12 step meetings per week.



(Click here for SCORE Brochure)