Sex Offender Registration

State law requires persons convicted of or placed on deferred community supervision for certain offenses to register as sex offenders. Offenders who commit "sexually violent" offenses (most contact offenses) must register for the remainder of their lives, even after completing community supervision or parole. Others (some non-contact offenses) may quit registering ten years after completion of their supervision terms, while some offenders in this classification register for the terms of their supervision only.

Collin County CSCD works closely with area law enforcement agencies and Texas DPS to ensure that registration information is accurate and up-to-date for all offenders. Regular field contacts are also used to verify the information contained in the registry.

NOTE: Offenders placed on DEFERRED SUPERVISION for sexually violent offenses must register for the remainder of their lives, regardless of whether or not they successfully complete their terms of supervision. (See FAQ for explanation of deferred supervision.)

Sex offenders register with local law enforcement agencies, police departments or sheriff's offices where they live. Information obtained by these agencies includes basic descriptive characteristics, shoe size, blood type, vehicle information, employment information and offense. Local law enforcement agencies keep this information on file and send copies of it to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in Austin. DPS oversees and coordinates registration for the state.

Registrants must notify local law enforcement agencies PRIOR to changing their residences. If registrants move to other jurisdictions, they must register with local law enforcement agencies within seven days of their relocation. Depending on their criminal histories, they also must report to law enforcement agencies every year or every 90 days to update their registry information.

Failure to comply with sex offender registration laws is a felony offense.

For the express purpose of giving citizens a means of identifying sex offenders and protecting themselves against victimization, the Legislature has recently enacted law changes that give the public much more access to sex offender registration information. Citizens may access the DPS sex offender registration files free of charge through the Texas DPS website. As with any website, citizens should direct questions regarding information found on this website directly to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

You may also visit for nationwide registered sex offender information.