Motor Vehicles FAQs

How do I find more information regarding the registration process for my motor vehicle?
For answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding motor vehicle registration, please visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

How do I register or title a boat?
The Collin County Tax Office does not register or title boats, only the boat trailers. For information regarding boat registration and titles, please visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife: Boat Registration and Titles FAQ webpage.

How do I register or obtain a permit for my manufactured home?
The Tax Assessor does not register or issue permits for manufactured housing. For information regarding manufactured housing ownership and location documents, please visit the Texas Department of Housing: Statements of Ownership & Location webpage.

Do I need to register and title my scooter or moped?
Only scooters and mopeds which are listed on the Texas DPS Certified Moped List may be registered and titled. For additional information, please refer to the Texas DOT Registration and Titling of Small Scooters bulletin.​

How do I apply for or renew my Agricultural and Timber Exemption Registration Number?
Texas law requires a person claiming an exemption from sales tax on the purchase of certain items used to produce agricultural and timber products for sale to hold an Agricultural and Timber Exemption Registration Number.  Ag/Timber Numbers must be renewed every four years on a uniform date.  Ag/Timber Number holders need to renew their Ag/Timber Number before Jan. 1, 2016 in order to get a current expiration date.   For more information regarding Agricultural and Timber Numbers, please visit the website of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.