Jury Duty - Volunteer/Sign-Up

Please email to:

  • Teen Volunteer/Sign Up for Teen Court: All teen volunteers must first fill out the Volunteer Application and Confidentiality Agreement found on the FORMS link.  Please check the calendar for available dates, email us your request of an open date. A confirmation email will be sent once it is confirmed.
  • Adult Volunteers: Adult volunteers are required to fill out the Adult Application and Confidentiality Agreement . A background check will be completed on each adult volunteer. Adult volunteers (Lawyers) are needed for Judges. Other adults are needed to assist the Teen Court Coordinator.
  • Contact the Teen Court Coordinator: If you have any questions regarding the program, are interested in getting involved, would like to schedule a time for your group to visit, a question regarding your case, you may send an email to this address. (Note: If you are sending a question regarding your case, you must include the case number.)

You may always contact the Teen Court Coordinator at 972-548-4654 or Metro 972-424-1460 ext. 4654.