Women Veterans

Since the beginning of time there have been women veterans. From the American Revolution to the current day there have been women serving. It is estimated that in the United States that there have been 2.5 million women veterans. It is estimated that currently 16% of all active military personal are women. Women have served in peace time, war, and during conflicts. There probably has never been a conflict that women have not served.

Women have suffered the same fate that the men have in peacetime and war. They have fought, they have been wounded, they have lost limbs, they have been POW's and they have been killed in action. They truly are veterans!

Women have earned the same honors as men including the Congressional Medal of Honor, The Distinguished Service Cross, The Navy Cross, The Silver Star, The Air Medal and The Purple Heart. They have earned honors from our allies including the French Croix de Duere, British Royal Red Cross Medal and the British Military Medal.

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