Business and Living

​​​People are moving here. Businesses are moving here. And they're all staying.

Here's why:

Top 10 Reasons... Do Business in Collin County

  1. County works closely with our municipal EDCs (Economic Development Corporations) to provide a variety of incentives to businesses relocating here
  2. AAA bond rating as a county since 2000, and one of only four Texas counties to have this high a rating
  3. Solid countywide infrastructure continually expanding to meet present and future needs
  4. Part of one of the healthiest regional economies in America
  5. Highly educated labor pool
  6. Fastest growing county in population in Texas, and one of the fastest growing areas in America
  7. Home to 8 of the 10 fastest growing cities in Texas
  8. Unique blend of commercial/residential, urban/rural, new/historical, affordable/high-end areas
  9. Attractive county to a wide range of employee and potential employee types
  10. Future projections point to continued growth and increasing prosperity

...Your Employees Want to Live in Collin County

  1. High quality of life
  2. Affordable housing and cost of living relative to the rest of the country
  3. Unmatched blend of urban/rural, new/historical, and affordable/high-end neighborhoods
  4. High per capita and median individual and family income levels
  5. Highly rated primary and secondary schools, ranked second in the nation in Forbes magazine's latest public education survey
  6. Wide range of recreational, cultural and community activities and events year round for all ages
  7. Conveniently located major shopping and entertainment centers
  8. Unique proximity to major metropolitan and outdoor/rural venues
  9. Active community, social, cultural and historical preservation organizations throughout the county
  10. Strong county infrastructure supporting present and future residential needs

Why not you?​​​