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June 13, 2024Collin County Achieves Top Bond Rating from Moody’s
June 11, 2024Leticia Gibbs Unanimously Appointed as New Director of Community Supervision and Corrections Department for Collin County
May 30, 2024North Texas Storm Recovery and Clean-Up Information
May 7, 2024Bill Bilyeu Announces Retirement as Collin County Administrator; County to Select Successor
April 10, 2024Collin County Bond Funds Available for Parks & Open Space
March 19, 2024District Attorney Greg Willis’s Office Secures 35-Year Sentence for Career Drug Dealer on Parole, Headed to Prison for the 4th Time
March 11, 2024District Attorney Greg Willis’s Office Secures Life in Prison for Serial Predator, Pedophile, and Stalker
March 7, 2024District Attorney Greg Willis’s Office Secures 55 Years in Prison Without Parole For Plano Man’s Decade-Long, Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child
March 4, 202445 Year No-Parole Sentence for Repeated Sexual Assault of an 11 Year Old Child After Abuser Caught on Camera
Feb. 27, 2024Life Sentence for Sorority Rapist After Case Solved Using Forensic Genetic Genealogy
Feb. 26, 202430-Year Sentence for Shotgun Ambush of Sachse Police Officers
Feb. 21, 2024Washington Serial Molester Nets 40 Years in Prison for Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child
Feb. 19, 2024Collin County Adult Mental Health Court celebrates first graduates
Feb. 1, 2024Legacy on the Bench: Honoring Judge Weldon Copeland's 35 Years of Judicial Service
Jan. 23, 2024Sarah Duff named Collin County Probate Judge
Jan. 5, 2024Apply now for spring DA Citizen Prosecutor Academy
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