Warrant Division

​​ The Warrant Division is responsible for clearing all warrants directed to our precinct. Most of these warrants are filed as a result of a bad check or an unpaid traffic citation issued by the Highway Patrol, Collin County Sheriff's Office or a Deputy from Precinct 3. The Constable affords each defendant with a courtesy notice in the mail informing individuals that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. If a defendant fails to respond, the warrant division then begins actively pursuing the defendant. Through a variety of different techniques these defendants are located and arrested.

The Constable is concerned that the merchants in Precinct 3 have a way of recovering their loss due to bad checks. The Constable knows that putting the defendants in jail does not help when you, the merchant or individual have suffered a financial loss. Defendants are placed in jail when all other means have been exhausted.

Duties of our clerical staff include assisting the general public, computer input of all warrants received from the courts, mailing notification of warrants to defendants and compiling statistical warrant information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do if I get a door hanger or business card informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?

A. Contact the within named deputy by telephone to get instructions on how to clear the warrant(s).

Q. What should I do if I get a letter informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?

A. Contact the warrant division at 972-881-3069 to get additional information on the procedure to follow in clearing the warrant(s).

Q. Who can I call if I think that I have warrants through Collin County Constable Precinct 3?

A. Call 972-881-3070 Any of our clerks or deputies are able to assist in checking the Collin County computer system to determine if open warrants exist.