Justice Court Precinct 3


  • For step-by-step assistance on filing your court documents, please visit Guide and File.
  • Payments by credit card can be made by paying online.
  • DO NOT attempt to contact the Judge by mail, e-mail, phone or in person regarding any pending criminal or civil matter. Doing so is considered ex parte and may result in serious consequences.
  • Courtroom Dress Code: When coming to Court you should dress appropriately. Proper dress for men consists of long pants, a shirt with a collar and shoes. Women should wear a dress, skirt or long pants with a modest top and shoes. It is not appropriate to wear a hat.
  • Weddings will be done upon request. For more information, please email Leesa Lane or call at 972-881-3011. Walk-ins are welcome, but the Judge may not always be at the office so it is always best to schedule a wedding ahead of time. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!
  • E-Mail is the most efficient way to contact the JP3 court clerks. Please provide your full name and case number when inquiring about a case. Clerks may not provide any legal advice on any case for any reason, as it would violate state law. Filings will not be accepted by e-mail.
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