Mental Commitment

​​​​Involuntary mental commitment is a civil legal measure used in some situations to commit a person alleged to exhibit signs of mental illness that demonstrate a substantial risk of imminent serious harm to themselves or others to a mental health facility in some cases where the individual is resistant. This procedure triggers a temporary holding period for evaluation.
If you are an individual over the age of 18 and you have had contact with someone in need of mental health treatment who will not seek treatment on their own, please visit the Mental Commitments Clerk’s Office​, located at the Russell A. Steindam Courts Building, to fill out a mental health warrant. The Mental Commitment Office is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the page maintained by the Mental Commitments Clerk’s Office to find answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to the mental commitment process and how to address certain mental health situations.​ Please also view the Useful Links section before for more mental health resources.​​

Useful Links

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