Commissioners Court

Elected County Judge
Chris Hill
Elected Commissioners
Precinct 1 - Susan Fletcher
Precinct 2 - Cheryl Williams
Precinct 3 - Darrell Hale
Precinct 4 - Duncan Webb

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Click for Map of Precinct 1 Click for Map of Precinct 2 Click for Map of Precinct 3 Click for Map of Precinct 4

Our Mission

The mission of Collin County is to deliver services including justice, public safety, infrastructure, and public health as mandated by the State of Texas and to execute other priorities as determined by the Commissioners Court.

Our Vision

Collin County carries out our mission by delivering timely, high quality state mandated services in the most cost effective and innovative manner possible. We strive for excellence from our employees and outstanding value for our citizens. We encourage citizen involvement and will maintain the family oriented quality of life we enjoy while preserving our rich heritage. By maintaining low taxes and a strong tax base, Collin County is committed to high quality growth to attract successful businesses that provide excellent career opportunities for our citizens. Collin County strives for financial stability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. We initiate discretionary projects after determining their value to our citizens.

-- Approved July 27, 2009 by Court Order 2009-567-07-27