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30-Year Sentence  for Shotgun Ambush of Sachse Police Officers


30-Year Sentence for Shotgun Ambush of Sachse Police Officers



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District Attorney Greg Willis's office secured a 30 year sentence for shotgun ambush of Sachse police officers. Josiah Perez, 27, of Sachse, Texas, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon against a Public Servant, after a jury found him guilty.

On September 2, 2022, at 12:02 a.m., two City of Sachse police officers were in their parked squad car completing a report when Perez walked up from behind the car and fired his short-barreled shotgun into the driver's side window. The driver, Officer Cory Bable, was struck by the blast and sustained injuries to his head, neck, and back from the shattered glass and birdshot. Officer Bable nevertheless pushed the shotgun up and away while he tried to wrestle the shotgun away from Perez.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Brent Merryman jumped out of the passenger seat, circled around the front of the car, and returned fire on Perez. Despite being shot twice, Perez then circled around the rear of the car to the passenger side, where he continued to point his weapon at the officers. Merryman shot him again and neutralized him, after which Perez was taken into custody. Officers found two more live shotgun shells on his person. The officers testified at trial that they had no prior interactions with Perez before the shooting. The case was investigated by the Texas Rangers.

During the punishment phase, the jury heard from two Mesquite police officers who had previous interactions with Perez, including a Dallas County conviction for spitting in an officer's face. After considering all of the evidence in the case, the jury assessed punishment at 30 years in prison. “Perez ambushed officers from behind while they were pulled over completing their responsibilities on an unrelated call. We're so thankful for their brave and heroic actions, and this case is a reminder that there are no routine calls or routine days for a police officer," said Willis after jury sentencing.

Assistant Criminal District Attorney Ashlyn Scott and Dewey Mitchell prosecuted the case, aided by District Attorney Investigator Laurie Gibbs.  

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