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Public Information Requests

Please read this before filing a public information request; it will speed up getting you what you need:

If you're looking for …

  • Police Records:

    Arrest or Accident Reports, Jailings, 911 Calls

    We do not have access to ANY police records. Contact the law enforcemen​t agency that made or took the report: for example, County Sheriff, Allen Police​​, Frisco Police, McKinney Police​ and Plano Police. If you're seeking information on a current prisoner in the county jail, go here.

  • Court Records:

    Divorce Records, Criminal Cases, Traffic Tickets, lawsuits of any kind

    We do not have access to ANY court records. Please contact the clerks of the courts (District, County Courts at Law, Justice Courts) for ANY court records. You can also verify a case number and case status online here​.

  • Land Records:

    Business Registrations (DBA's/Assumed Names), Deeds, Foreclosures, Liens, Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, Beer & Wine Applications, Cattle Brands, all other Vital Records

    Contact the County Clerk. You can also look up most of this information online under Deed Searches on the County Clerk's webpage.

  • Taxes:

    Vehicle Registration, Property Tax Information/Statements; contact the Tax Assessor-Collector.​