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45 Year No-Parole Sentence  for Repeated Sexual Assault of an 11 Year Old Child After Abuser Caught on Camera


45 Year No-Parole Sentence for Repeated Sexual Assault of an 11 Year Old Child After Abuser Caught on Camera



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District Attorney Greg Willis's Office Secures 45 Year No-Parole Sentence for Repeated Sexual Assault of an 11 Year Old Child After Abuser Caught on Camera

 (McKinney, Texas) – District Attorney Greg Willis's office secured a 45 year no-parole sentence for an abuser's repeated sexual assault of an 11 year old child.

 Nathanael Lane, 42, of Garland, Texas, was an adult who was known by and had ongoing access to the child.  In July of 2022, Lane took the victim to a sleep study in Plano. Lane was informed that the child's sleep would be video recorded for purposes of the study. The video showed Lane, who believed the room was too dark for the video to pick up the assault, sexually assault the victim.  Staff members contacted law enforcement, who arrived on scene and interviewed Lane.  Lane admitted he sexually assaulted the victim during the sleep study, and in a later interview further admitted he sexually assaulted the victim over the course of several months at his home.

 Plano Police Department Detective Bryan Patten investigated the case. The victim was forensically interviewed at the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County, where she ultimately disclosed details about the abuse

 The jury found Lane guilty of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, a first degree felony carrying a punishment range of 5-99 years or life. Judge John Roach, Jr. assessed punishment at 45 years in prison.  By law, a sentence for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child is without eligibility for parole

 “Child sexual assaults often tragically unfold in the shadows. In a striking turn of events, this perpetrator's darkly evil actions were captured on video by vigilant employees - individuals who had no prior connection to the victim. They acted swiftly and responsibly, and our heartfelt gratitude extends to these courageous strangers and the ever-diligent Plano police," stated Willis after sentencing.

 Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Mollie Thompson and Wendy Correa prosecuted the case, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Kim Voigt-Eanes, Victim Assistance Coordinator Melissa White, and Legal Secretaries Christy Ware and Jessica Ledbetter.

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