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District Attorney Greg Willis’s Office Secures Life in Prison for Serial Predator, Pedophile, and Stalker


District Attorney Greg Willis’s Office Secures Life in Prison for Serial Predator, Pedophile, and Stalker



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District Attorney Greg Willis's Office secured a Life sentence for Serial Predator, Pedophile, and Stalker, Deketric Charrontay Love, 27, of Mesquite, Texas, after a jury found him guilty of Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Invasive Visual Recording.

The series of events leading to Love's arrest began on November 11, 2022, when the Frisco Police Department responded to a report of suspicious activity. A child, alone at home, noticed an individual peering into his bedroom window, though no arrest was made that day. On December 2, 2022, the same child discovered unfamiliar items in his room, including a concealed camera on his dresser. Following this incident, a home security system was installed by the child's father.

Days later, that security system detected motion inside the house and recorded the intruder exiting the premises. In another disturbing episode, the child noticed the intruder outside his window late at night while doing homework. The child and his father then confronted the man and alerted the police. The suspect, identified as Love, attempted to escape but was arrested while trying to leave the neighborhood in his vehicle. A search of Love's car unearthed additional cameras and items belonging to the child. Data from Love's phone not only placed him at the scene during these incidents but also on other occasions unknown to the family. It revealed his connection to the home's Wi-Fi and his use of an application linked to the camera left in the child's room. Forensic analysis matched Love's fingerprints and DNA to items found in and around the house, solidifying his involvement.

Investigated by Frisco Police Detectives Walker Martin and Sanja Trtanj, the jury found Love guilty. During the sentencing phase, prosecutors presented overwhelming evidence of Love's prior criminal conduct and his potential threat to the community. Love was on felony probation for Online Solicitation of a Minor in Dallas County at the time of his arrest. Investigators found a substantial amount of explicit child imagery on his phone and evidence that Love had surreptitiously recorded a former coworker from outside her bathroom window.

Six community members testified about Love's repeated voyeuristic behavior, including lurking outside windows, removing screens, entering homes uninvited, and in one instance, standing at the foot of a child's bed in the night. A licensed sex offender treatment provider who had worked with Love testified about his unsuccessful discharge from a treatment program, his refusal to accept responsibility for his actions, and his continued danger to the community.

Additionally, following the jury's verdict but prior to his sententing, jail staff reported that Love had made a video call to a friend, during which he requested the display of pornographic videos and engaged in inappropriate, self-pleasuring behavior, further demonstrating his lack of remorse and ongoing risk to society. Judge Benjamin Smith sentenced Love to life in prison. "We've sent a strong message: Our community is off-limits to predators, and we're all in to keep our kids safe," Willis stated after sentencing.

Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Andrew Eberlein and Jamin Daly prosecuted the case, assisted by District Attorney Investigator Sarah Putman, Victim Assistance Coordinator Melissa White, and Legal Secretary Jaimie Valliere

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