Myers Park Advisory Board

​​​​​​​​Advises and recommends actions to Commissioners Court relating to the promotion, management, welfare and success of Myers Park & Event Center. The use of the park for education and recreation purposes as described in the Deeds of Trust granted by the Myers Family shall be the foremost responsibility of the Advisory Board.

Meets fourth Tuesday of January, April, July & October, 1:00 p.m., The Landing at Myers Park.

Upcoming Meetings

Myers Park & Event Center Advisory Board MeetingThe Landing  -  7117 CR 166, McKinney TX7/23/2024 1:00 PM

Advisory Board Members

The following is the list of the members currently serving on the Myers Park Advisory Board.

Rutledge Haggard12/31/
Marianne D. Wells12/31/
Steven R. Wright12/31/
Matt Thomas12/31/

Upcoming Meetings

Myers Park & Event Center Advisory Board MeetingThe Landing  -  7117 CR 166, McKinney TX7/23/2024 1:00 PM

Agendas and Minutes​

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Myers Park 4.23.24 Agenda.pdf04.23.24 Myers Park Agenda3/26/2024
10 25 23 Agenda.pdf10.25.23 Myers Park Agenda10/19/2023
04.25.23 CANCELED Myers Park Advisory Board Meeting.pdf04.24.2023 Myers Park Agenda4/19/2023
3.22.23 Myers Park Agenda.pdf3.22.23 Myers Park Agenda3/17/2023
01.24.23 Myers Park Agenda_Signed.pdf01.24.23 Myers Park Agenda1/18/2023
10.28.22MyersParkAgenda.pdf10.28.22 Myers Park Agenda10/28/2022
07.26.22MyersParkAgenda.pdf07.26.22 Myers Park Agenda7/26/2022
04.26.22MyersParkAgenda.pdf04.26.22 Myers Park Agenda4/26/2022
10.26.21MyersParkAgenda.pdf10.26.21 Myers Park Agenda10/26/2021
08.03.21MyersParkAgenda.pdf08.03.21 Myers Park  Agenda8/3/2021
04.27.21MyersParkAgenda.pdf04.27.21 Myers Park Agenda4/27/2021
01.26.21MyersParkAgenda.pdf01.26.21 Myers Park Agenda 1/26/2021
07.23.19MyersParkAgenda.pdf07.23.19 Myers Park Agenda 7/23/2019
04.23.19MyersParkAgenda.pdf04.23.19 Myers Park Agenda 4/23/2019
01.22.19MyersParkAgenda.pdf01.22.19 Myers Park Agenda1/22/2019
07.24.18MyersParkAgenda.pdf07.24.18 Myers Park Agenda7/24/2018
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072523 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf07.25.23 Meeting Minutes10/26/2023
01.24.23 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf01.24.23 Meeting Minutes7/25/2023
03.22.23 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf03.22.23 Meeting Minutes7/25/2023
10.28.22MeetingMinutes.pdf10.28.22 Meeting Minutes10/28/2022
07.26.22MeetingMinutes.pdf07.26.22 Meeting Minutes7/26/2022
04.26.22MeetingMinutes.pdf04.26.22 Meeting Minutes4/26/2022
10.26.21MeetingMinutes.pdf10.26.21 Meeting Minutes10/26/2021
08.03.21MeetingMinutes.pdf08.03.21 Meeting Minutes8/3/2021
04.27.21MeetingMinutes.pdf04.27.21 Meeting Minutes4/27/2021
01.26.21MeetingMinutes.pdf01.26.21 Meeting Minutes1/26/2021
01.28.20MeetingMinutes.pdf01.28.20 Meeting Minutes1/28/2020
10.23.19MeetingMinutes.pdf10.23.19 Meeting Minutes10/23/2019
07.23.19MeetingMinutes.pdf07.23.19 Meeting Minutes7/23/2019
04.23.19MeetingMinutes.pdf04.23.19 Meeting Minutes4/23/2019
01.22.19MeetingMinutes.pdf01.22.19 Meeting Minutes1/22/2019
10.24.18 Meeting Minutes.pdf10.24.18 Meeting Minutes10/24/2018
07.24.18MeetingMinutes.pdf07.24.18 Meeting Minutes7/24/2018
04.24.18MeetingMinutes.pdf04.24.18 Meeting Minutes4/24/2018
10.25.17MeetingMinutes.pdf10.25.17 Meeting Minutes10/25/2017
01.24.17MeetingMinutes.pdf01.24.17 Meeting Minutes1/24/2017