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Court AdministratorAdri Starnes(972) 548-3860
Court ReporterThomas Mullins(972) 548-3866

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Announcements and Best Practices

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.1 Redacting of Videos

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.2 Compensation of Court Appointed Special Commissioners for Condemnations Suits

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.3 Use of Artificial Intelligence for any Court Filing

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.4 Required Fees for Monitoring Alcohol Detection Devices for Occupational Drivers License ("ODL")

County Courts at Law Order Limiting Access to Secured Areas

Court Appearances, Procedure, Policy, Attire, Decorum​

Occupational Driver's License Instructions

Occupational Driver's License Procedures

Documents and Forms

CCL #1 Notice Regarding Applications to Appoi​​nt Receiver

Petition for Occupational Driver License

Order for Occupational Driver License

Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Cost or an Appeal Bond

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