County Court at Law 7


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Bailiff / Court OfficerDarryl Smith(972) 548-5681
Court AdministratorAmy Cundiff(972) 548-5680
Court ReporterShawn Gant(972) 548-5683

​​​Announcements and Best Practices

County Courts at Law Order Limiting Access to Secured Areas

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.1 Redacting of Videos

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.2 Compensation of Court Appointed Special Commissioners for Condemnations Suits

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.3 Use of Artificial Intelligence for any Court Filing

County Courts at Law: Standing Order No.4 Required Fees for Monitoring Alcohol Detection Devices for Occupational Drivers License ("ODL")

​​​Documents and Forms

Petition for Occupational Driver License​

Order for Occupational Driver License

Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Cost or an Appeal Bond

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County Court at Law #7 Misdemeanor DWI/Drug Court Program​

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