469th District Court


All court hearings are held in person unless directed otherwise by the court.

469th District Court - Rules for Remote Proceedings


Click on the name to send an email to one of the 469th staff members listed below.

Bailiff Michael Capps(972) 548-5661
Court CoordinatorShannon Reynolds(972) 548-5660
Court ReporterStephanie Hunn(972) 548-5663


469thDCPSO.pdf469th Discovery Control Plan and Scheduling Order
RemoteMediatorList.pdf469th District Court - Remote Mediator List
469thDistrictCourt-RulesforRemoteProceedings.pdf469th District Court - Rules for Remote Proceedings
SampleWitnessList.pdf469th District Court - Sample Witness List
SampleExhibitList.pdf469th District Court -Sample Exhibit List
469thDivorceProveUpAffidavit.pdf469th Divorce Prove Up Affidavit
469thNoticeofFinalHearing-Divorce.pdf469th Notice of Final Hearing - Divorce
469th Notice of Final Hearing - SAPCR and Modification.pdf469th Notice of Final Hearing - SAPCR and Modification
469th Default Checklist.pdfDefault Checklist
InformationforProSe(Self Represented)Litigants.pdfInformation for Pro Se (Self Represented) Litigants