Collin County District Clerk's Office

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The District Clerk performs the duties assigned by the Texas Constitution as registrar, recorder, and custodian of all court pleadings, instruments, and papers that are part of any legal cause of action in the District Courts of Collin County. Additionally, the District Clerk's office provides jury services for all statutory District, County and Justice of the Peace courts in Collin County.

The District Clerk is elected for a four year term and manages most of the business operations for the 14 elected District Courts that hear Civil, Family and Felony Criminal cases. The office functions with over 80 employees who maintain and manage the records and felony payment plans, over ten million dollars in our court registry, criminal fee, civil/family fee and attorney general fee accounts, bail bond forfeitures and all tax lawsuits. The office also produces a substantial number of court documents including civil citations, criminal warrants, criminal judgments and sentences, and performs other ministerial duties. Currently, the office receives over 17,300 new case files every year.

Electronic Filing

E-FIle Texas Website

The Texas Supreme Court requires all Civil, Family and Probate cases to be filed electronically. This applies to all levels of our local court system: Justice Courts, County Courts at Law and District Courts. Collin County is already live and accepting filings.

More Information

Helpful Information

New Program available to Collin County Residents

E-File Texas Self Help  

Guide and File is now available to Collin County residents. The program allows individuals to create certain legal forms for filing online using pre-formatted, step-by-step templates that will generate a completed form

Attorney Online Subscriber Access

Attorneys may subscribe to online access to District Clerk, County Court at Law Clerk and Justice of the Peace records through a secure Internet site. For complete information please view the Attorney Subscriber Agreement or contact Mindi Johns. Annual renewals are available.

ReSearch TX  

New public portal makes most civil court records available online

Historical Case Searches

Criminal Case Searches for cases prior to the year 1988 and Civil Case Searches for cases prior to the year 1984 must be requested in person or by mail.

The online Case Search applications contain District Court Criminal cases that were filed or completed anytime from 1988 to the present and Civil cases that were filed or completed anytime from 1984 to the present.

For Criminal case record searches for cases completed from the 1800's to 1987 or Civil case record searches for cases completed from the 1800s to 1983, please visit or submit a written request to the District Clerk's Office, 2100 Bloomdale Rd., McKinney, TX 75071.

All record searches conducted at the District Clerk's office are $5 each. If sending a written request, please provide the following information: the individual's complete name and date of birth, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a check or money order for the search fee.

Payment for a record search can be made by check, money order or cash.

Searches are normally processed within one or two days of receipt and can be requested in person or by mail. We do not provide record searches by phone.

Criminal felony payments can be made online at: Criminal Online Payments


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