199th District Court


NOTICE: The Russell A. Steindam Courts Building is open to the public. Hearings set to be heard in the 199th District Court are streamed by video in the 199th courtroom.

199th District Court Rules for Remote Proceeding


Click on the name to send an email to one of the 199th staff members listed below.​

BailiffJohn Hunt(972) 548-4452
Court CoordinatorLeila Olivarri(972) 548-4415
Court ReporterJacqueline Kimbrough(972) 548-4412


199thDistrictCourtRulesforRemoteProceedings.pdf199th District Court Rules for Remote Proceedings
199thJuryDiscoveryControlPlan.pdf199th Jury Trial Discovery Control Plan
199thPassSlip.pdf199th Pass Slip
199thTBCDiscoveryControlPlan.pdf199th TBC Discovery Control Plan
MemoTemporaryOrder.pdfTemporary Order Memorandum