Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fax machine available in the Law Library?
Yes. The cost for sending or receiving faxes is $1.50 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.
May I make copies at the Law Library?
Yes. The price for copies is 10¢ per page.
Is there a pay phone in the Courthouse?
No, but there is a phone available for local calls only. Phone calls should be limited to three minutes.
May I use my cell phone in the Law Library?
No, cell phone use is not permitted in the library.
May I use my debit/credit card to pay for copies, faxes or forms packets?
No. The library accepts cash or checks only. There is an ATM available on the first floor of the Courthouse down the hall from the District Clerk’s office.
Is there a coffee shop or cafeteria in the Courthouse?
The Collin County Courthouse Café is located next to the Law Library on the lower level of the Courthouse. The café is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Is there a notary available at the Courthouse?
There are notaries in the Law Library. However, they may not always be available. It is recommended that documents needing notarization be notarized prior to your arrival at the Courthouse. Notaries are available at all area banks.
Please be aware that notaries notarize only the original document; copies should be made after the original is signed by the notary.
How can I find an attorney?
Lawyer Referral telephone numbers and other legal resources are available through our website and through the State Bar of Texas.
Where do I report for jury duty?
The location for your jury service can be found on the jury summons. Maps and directions to each of the facilities can be obtained online, by calling the automated phone system, or by using the eJuror Online Jury Services. The central jury room in the Collin County Courthouse at 2100 Bloomdale Road is located on the first floor in Room 10256.
How do I find my Courtroom?

Maps for each floor of the courthouse are located near the escalators on each floor. Additionally, there is an interactive kiosk on the east side of the first floor lobby which shows the location of all offices and courtrooms.

Electronic docket boards located within the lobby contain lists of all cases, by party name, their court designation and the floor on which the court is located.

Smaller docket boards outside each courtroom list the cases for that particular court.

How much are my filing fees?
The District Clerk’s office can provide you with information on district court filing fees.
How do I look up my case online?

Use the steps in our handy Civil Case Lookup Guide.

If you have additional questions – Ask a Librarian!