How To Do Business with Collin County

​​​This summary is designed to help your company participate in the market created by the County's needs. The demand for goods and services within the County results in a continuous need for items of every nature and description. Chances are that the County is in the market for the items/services you sell. We hope this summary will help you become familiar with our policies and procedures for procurement, which in turn will aid in selling your products/services to the County.

Department Organization

County purchasing procedures are governed by Local Government Code, Chapter 262. These statutes, including interpretations of them made by Texas courts, are the ultimate authority on the validity of purchasing procedures. The Purchasing Department is a member of the administrative team of Collin County. The Purchasing Agent of Collin County is charged with the responsibility of purchasing all supplies, materials, and equipment required or used, and contract for repairs to property used by the County and supervises all purchases and contracts required by law to be made on competitive bid. The Purchasing Agent maintains surplus inventory and disposes of all excess, obsolete or unserviceable equipment by auction, or other means as provided by law.

It is the policy of Collin County that all purchasing shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and policies adopted by the Collin County Commissioners Court. The County will consider:

  • The price
  • The quality of the product
  • The suitability of the product for the intended use.
  • The ability, experience, efficiency, integrity, and financial responsibility of the bidder. Where appropriate, the County shall require the bidder to demonstrate that it has a good safety record.

How Do I Contact Purchasing?

Collin County Purchasing
Collin County Administration Building
2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 3160
McKinney, TX 75071

(972) 548-4165 (McKinney)
(972) 424-1460 ext. 4165 (Metro)
(972) 548-4694 (Fax, Main Office)
(972) 547-5305 (Fax, Justice Center Remote Site)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

  • What Procurement Methods Are Used? Purchases Under $50,000
    • Informal Telephone Quotes
    • Formal Quotations
    Purchases Exceeding $50,000
    • Invitation for Bid (IFB)
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
    • Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP)
    Cooperative Government Contracts
    • State Contracts
    • Interlocal Government Contracts
  • How Do I Get On Bidder's List?

    Collin County has joined with OpenGov Procurement. Vendors will receive automatic notification regarding bids in their commodity class and may download specifications. This system enables us to improve our service to you by providing automatic bid notification and instant access to bid information via the web.

    Collin County strongly urges ALL potential bidders to register with OpenGov Procurement.

    General information regarding current solicitations is available on the County's web site.

    Vendors remain on the bidders' list as long as they continue in good standing with Collin County and return a bid request or respond with a "No Bid" to bid requests.

  • Where And When Are Solicitations Advertised?
    • Normally on Sundays in the Plano Star Courier.
    • Solicitation notices are also listed on the County's web site by selecting "Current Bids".
  • How Can I Receive Solicitation Information?
    • Vendors registered with OpenGov Procurement will automatically receive notification of IFB's, RFP's, RFI's, and RFQ's for the commodities they have chosen.
    • A list of current IFB's, RFP's, RFI's, and RFQ's will be displayed on the Purchasing website, under "Current Bids".
    • Vendors registered with OpenGov Procurement​ will be able to download IFB's, RFP's, RFI's, and RFQ's directly from the website at no charge.
    • Professional Services (Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors) procured under Government Code 2254 should also register with OpenGov Procurement for notification.
  • Where Do I Submit My Responses To IFB's/RFP's/RFI's/RFQ's ?

    Collin County prefers to receive all responses electronically. Responses may be submitted in electronic format via OpenGov Procurement​.

    Hard Copy submittals will be accepted at the following address:

        Collin County Purchasing Department
        Collin County Administration Building
        2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 3160
        McKinney, TX 75071

    By the date and time specified in each solicitation

  • Can A Solicitation Response Be Sent By Facsimilie?

    At this time there is no allowance for the RECEIPT of solicitation responses by facsimile.

  • When And Where Are Bids Opened?

        Collin County Purchasing Department
        Collin County Administration Building
        2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 3160
        McKinney, TX 75071

    Responses are opened on the Date, Time, and Room location specified in each individual solicitation.

  • Who Can Attend The Solicitation Openings?

    Everyone is always welcome to attend openings excluding, by state statute, High Technology, Insurance, and Professional Service proposals.

  • Who Will See My Prices?

    Except for Requests for Proposals, all solicitations are public information once they have been opened.

  • May I Submit A Late Solicitation Response?

    Collin County does not accept late sealed bids/proposals. The time/date stamp clock in the Collin County Purchasing Department, 2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 3160, McKinney, TX 75071 office shall be the official time of receipt for all Invitation for Bids (IFB) and Request for Proposals (RFP). IFB's and/or RFP's received after submission deadline shall be returned unopened and will be considered void and unacceptable.

  • What Factors Determined To Whom The Solicitation Is Awarded?

    All solicitations are awarded to the responsible bidder who submits the lowest and best bid taking into consideration all evaluating factors. All sealed bids (purchases exceeding $50,000) are submitted to Commissioners Court for award. Awards on quotations for products and services under $50,000 are determined by the Purchasing Department.

  • Where Do I Send Invoices?

        Collin County Auditor's Office
        Collin County Administration Building
        2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 3100
        McKinney, TX 75071
  • When Can I See A Buyer?

    Collin County Purchasing Department personnel are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, due to workloads, it is advisable to call ahead for an appointment.