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​The Department of Engineering is committed to plan and implement a superior inter-modal transportation infrastructure by judicious application of human resources and public funds through a coordinated local and regional perspective. A superior transportation infrastructure will provide citizens of Collin County with a better quality of life by alleviating traffic congestion, moving people and goods efficiently and contributing to a stable and competitive economy.

The Department of Engineering is also committed to preserve the quality of life for citizens of Collin County through enforcement of approved subdivision requirements and through administration of federal floodplain regulations.

​Definitions to assist as you navigate our site

an area for restricted use on private property upon which a public or private utility/entity/ HOA or Lot Owner responsible for maintenance shall have the right to remove and keep removed all or part of any buildings, fences, trees, shrubs or other improvements or growth which in any way endanger or interfere with the construction, maintenance and/or efficiency of its respective systems on or within any of these easements
Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)
the unincorporated land area, not a part of any city, which is contiguous to the corporate limits, as defined in Local Government Code, Chapter 42.
Flood Plain
any land area susceptible to being inundated by water from any source
a survey of the land which identifies the boundaries of a tract and any easements, floodplains, roadways, rights of way, and a drawing or map depicting the division or subdivision of land into lots, blocks, parcels, tracts or other parts.--Tracy
Replatting (or Replat)
Re-platting is the re-subdivision of any part of a block or lot of a previously platted subdivision, or addition.
Right of Way
a parcel of land that is occupied or intended to be occupied, by a roadway or alley.  The usage of the term "right of way" for land platting purposes shall mean that every public right of way hereafter established and shown on a final plat is to be separate and distinct from the lots or parcels adjoining such right of way and shall not be included within the dimensions or areas of such lots or parcels. The right of way is the distance between property lines measured at right angles to the centerline of the roadway or alley.
the division of a tract of land into two (2) or more lots, parcels or tracts
a principle traffic artery, carrying higher volumes of traffic which is intended to connect remote parts of the area with state highways.
refers to an area of land which is outside the boundaries of any municipality or local government, but still governed by the county, state, and federal governments


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