New Resident Registration and Title Requirements

A new resident must register their vehicle within 30 days of establishing residence or becoming gainfully employed.

A new resident's vehicle requirements must be done in sequence.

First, you must obtain Insurance meeting the requirements of the State of Texas.

Then you need to have an Inspection performed in the County in which the vehicle is to be registered.

Thirdly, you need to Register the vehicle with the County Tax Assessor.

And finally, apply for a State of Texas Driver's License.

Proof of insurance is required by all state and local entities.

1. Auto Insurance

Providers: Various, see local phone directories or internet for auto insurance providers.

Collin County will accept out of state insurance (that meets Texas minimums) on the first visit for registration purposes. If using out of state insurance you must provide the declaration page showing coverage meets or exceeds minimum requirements.

Proof of Insurance: Must be in the owner's name for the vehicle to be registered.

The minimum amount of coverage required by the State of Texas, commonly referred to as 30/60/25, is as follows:

  • $30,000 bodily injury of one person in one accident
  • $60,000 bodily injury of two persons in one accident
  • $25,000 property damage in one accident

Please contact your insurance company for more information and details regarding the minimum insurance requirements for vehicles registered in the State of Texas.

Proof of Insurance is required for State Inspection, Motor Vehicle Registration, and Driver's License Application.

2. State Inspection

Locations: DPS Inspection Stations.

Obtain a Safety Inspection and provide a passing Vehicle Inspection Report at time of Registration.

A safety inspection, verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and an emissions test are required in Collin County. The inspections are overseen by the Department of Public Safety.

An original Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) is required to obtain a Texas Registration. If the vehicle is out of state, complete a VTR-270 to bypass inspection; however, a "VIR Certification Waived" remark will be placed on the record until it is removed.

Local State Inspection stations are located within service stations, dealerships, and oil change stations. Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety: Inspection Station Locator to find a location near you.

3. Texas Registration

Locations: Collin County Tax Office. Locations and hours can be found on the Vehicle Registration page.

Acceptable ID is required at the time of Texas registration application or title transfer.

Documents Needed:

  1. Ownership Evidence:

    Out of State Title, Registration Receipt, or Foreign Ownership (in the customer's name)

    If the customer's name appears on the front of the title as the owner, they may have a choice to register only (RPO) or apply for Texas title and register. Most Foreign vehicles must be titled, according to the customs papers. We recommend that you apply for Texas title because some states purge vehicle records and do not replace lost or stolen titles.

    Out of State Title, MCO (Mfg Certificate of Origin), Foreign Ownership or Transfer by Law* (properly assigned when changing owner

    If the customer's name DOES NOT appear on the front of the title or has not been titled in another state, it must be transferred at this time. Registration Purposes Only (RPO) is not an option.

    *Transfer by Law would include (but not limited to) court orders, police auctions, heirship, storage liens, etc.

  2. Proof of Insurance:

    Must be in the owner's name for the vehicle to be registered.

    Out of State insurance accepted on the first visit to Collin County for registration purposes. Contact the insurance company to obtain Texas minimums.

  3. Inspection Form:

    A passing Vehicle Inspection Report is required on the vehicle to be registered.

    The Department of Public Safety - State Inspection Stations will verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), test for safety, and test the emissions of the vehicle. The original Vehicle Inspection Report must be provided to the Tax Office with original signatures to register and title the vehicle in Texas.

  4. Application for Texas Title, 130-U Form:

    When applying for Texas title, all applicants must complete and sign the Application for Texas Title, Form 130-U, or have authority (POA, etc.) to allow an agent to sign for the applicant.

    Title and Registration Forms can be downloaded from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. All forms must be original or a certified copy. All signatures must be original. Acceptable ID is required at the time of Texas registration application or title transfer.

    For Registration Purposes Only, an agent or co-owner must complete and sign the Application for Texas Title, Form 130-U, and check the box for "Registration Purposes Only" on the application. Title and Registration Forms can be downloaded from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

  5. Lien Information: (if applicable)

    If the current owner has a lien on the vehicle, please include information on 130-U. (full name of financial institution, address, and the beginning date of lien.)

  6. Release of Lien: (if applicable)

    If the lien is paid in full and the customer is transferring to Texas title, the lien will be carried forward unless a release of lien is presented.

    If a vehicle is changing owner and the seller had a lien, it should be signed off on the out of state title as paid or a separate release of lien must be presented.

  7. Foreign Vehicle - Customs Papers: (if applicable)

    A foreign vehicle requires additional paperwork: The Customs Form HS-7 or Bond Release Letter from TxDot, entry papers, as well as Form 68-A (for inspection by theft department). An appointment is required for the Theft Department Inspection. A fee may apply. Please contact our office for a list of current, limited inspectors. For more details on Imported vehicles, see TxDMV state site:

    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles: Importing a Vehicle

  8. Supporting Evidence: (if applicable)

    Out of state commercial vehicles will require a weight slip if the empty weight is not shown on the title. Other supporting evidence could be required on an individual basis. This could include a Power of Attorney to allow an agent to sign documents, Federal Odometer Statement required on MCO, Repossession Affidavit when repossessed, a Dealer Reassignment if assignments are filled on title, etc.

  9. Fee Payments:

    Cash or Credit Card is required on the first visit to Collin County until a driver's license can be obtained. The Driver's License is last in the sequence. Acceptable ID is required at the time of initial registration or title in Texas.

    Note: There is a service charge of 2.15% of the transaction amount (minimum $2.00) if paying by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

    No Change in Ownership: New Resident fees include $33.00 Application Fee, $90.00 New Resident Tax, and Registration Fees.

    Standard Registration Fees:
    Passenger and Light Trucks (less than 6,000 gross)
    Trailers (0-6,000 gross weight)
    Motorcycles (all years)
    Inspection Fees:

    The State's portion of the Inspection Fee will be paid at the time of Registration based on the type of inspection received.

    Inspection Fee, 1995 and Older
    Inspection Fee, 1996 and Newer
    Inspection Fee, Trailers grossing more than 7,500 lbs.
    Inspection Fee, Motorcycles (all years)

    All other vehicles with a gross weight above 6,000 will vary in fees (including passenger, truck, trailers, motor homes and buses, etc). Please call with plate or VIN# for quote.

    For more information about Registration Fees collected for the State of Texas, visit the DMV website:

    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles: Registration Fees

    For additional information regarding Inspection Fees, please visit the Texas Two Step One Sticker website:

    Change in Ownership:

    The title transfer fees include tax, title, and license. Tax of 6.25% is due on either the SPV (Standard Presumptive Value, posted on this site:, or the purchase price of a vehicle; or on the certified appraisal value. The applicant may qualify for another type of tax or may be eligible for an exemption or credit. Legislative changes, effective Oct. 1, 2006, changed the way we calculate motor vehicle sales and use tax on used vehicles to a private party. Please contact the office to determine the type of sale and the tax due. The title fee is $33.00, and the registration fees vary. Contact the office for the applicable fees. Penalty fees may apply if the title is not transferred within 30 calendar days from the date of sale or entry into Texas.

  10. Forms:

    A completed and signed Application for Texas Title, Form 130-U, is required for all new residents. Other forms may be required, such as RPO form VTR-272 (See #1 regarding ownership evidence and options for registration and/or title). Forms can be faxed on demand from 1-888-232-7033, or downloaded from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website.

4. Driver's License

Locations: DPS Office. Proof of Insurance and Registration is required.

Requirements for Texas Driver's License can be obtained at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The original receipt from the Tax Office must be taken with you to the Driver's License office. See the DPS website for requirements, locations and fees.