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The following is a list valuable information and instructions on fire safety for the whole family, including some fun coloring pages you can print out and interesting web sites to visit.

Have Fun & Be Safe

These web sites have fire safe checklists and escape planning grids that can help you and your family learn about fire safety and how the create a Fire Escape Plan. Also the sites include games and coloring pages.

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Stop, Drop, Roll and Cool

The Stop, Drop, Roll and Cool procedure should be used to extinguish flames and lessen burn injuries if your clothing catches fire. If your clothes catch fire:
Stop immediately where you are.
Drop to the ground.
Roll over and over and over, covering your face and mouth with your hands (this will prevent flames from burning your face and smoke from entering your lungs). Roll over and over until the flames are extinguished.
Cool the burn with cool water for 10-15 minutes. Get help from a grown-up, and if needed, see a doctor.

Sparky Stop Drop and Roll Image 

Note: This page is reproduced from "Sparky's® Activity Book." The lessons in this activity book are designed to reinforce important fire safety messages to young children. These fun activities need to be supplemented with explanations of the lessons they provide. Contact your local fire department for more information. To order copies of "Sparky's® Activity Book," call the NFPA at +1 (800) 344-3555 and ask for Item No. WF-SPY-29C.

For a printer-friendly version of all of this information, including some coloring book pages, please download the Just For Kids Packet & Coloring Book (PDF).