Registration Renewal

​​​​Note: These procedures are for Renewal Only. If you are a new resident and want to register in Texas, refer to the New Resident Procedures for instructions.

Documents Needed

  1. Registration Renewal Form: (if received by mail)

    The renewal is sent out by the state as a courtesy reminder and is not required to register in person or by mail. However, the current renewal form will be required if registering at a Collin County grocery store or online.

  2. Current Insurance:

    Must have current insurance for the vehicle to be registered and meet Texas minimums.

    Effective Jan. 1, 2011, the minimum insurance requirements are 30/60/25.

    Insurance coverage must be current as of the date of postmark or the day you register online or in person.

  3. Vehicle Inspection Report:

    As of March 1, 2015, a current Vehicle Inspection Report is required in order to register a motor vehicle. The State of Texas no longer issues Inspection Stickers at the time of inspection. However, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report in lieu of the Inspection Sticker. All vehicles (including trailers grossing more than 4,500 lbs.) require proof of inspection.

    Go to Two Steps One Sticker for additional information.

  4. Plate Number: (or an old receipt)

    If you did not receive a renewal reminder or have last year's receipt, please write down the plate number. The insurance company may not have your complete or correct Vehicle Idenitification Number, VIN, on the insurance card. The plate number would be required to access the computer record if the VIN is incorrect. Registration must be processed at an office location if you do not have the renewal form. Please register in person or by mail.

  5. Heavy Use Tax Proof: (if applicable)

    Heavy use tax is paid to the IRS annually if the vehicle has a weight of 55,000 or more. Proof of payment is required to register your vehicle if this applies.

  6. Tow Truck Certificate: (if applicable)

    If you are wanting to register a tow truck plate, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation issued certificate in your name must be verified by the tax clerk.

  7. Fee Payments:

    Payment accepted for motor vehicle registration must be made by cash, credit card, cashiers check, money order, traveler's check, or personal check if you meet office policy requirements. To accept a personal check at the counter in Collin County, we must have your current address recorded on the RTS vehicle record. Your current driver's license and pre-printed check information must match the RTS information. If the information does not match, we can mail your sticker to you or you must pay in cash or credit card.

    Note: There is a service charge of 2.15% of the transaction amount (minimum $2.00) if paying by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

    Registration Fees

    Passenger and light trucks (less than 6,000 gross)
    Trailers (0-6,000 gross weight)

    Inspection Fees:

    The State's portion of the Inspection Fee will be paid at the time of Registration based on the type of inspection received.

    All other vehicles with a gross weight above 6,000 will vary in fees (including passenger, truck, trailers, motor homes and buses, etc). Please call with plate or VIN# for quote.

    Inspection Fee, 1995 and Older
    Inspection Fee, 1996 and Newer
    Inspection Fee, Trailers grossing more than 4,500 lbs.
    Inspection Fee, Motorcycle
  8. Penalties:

    For expired registration, contact the office for fees and requirements. A 20% penalty may apply.

Renewal Messages

Important! The bottom portion of the renewal notice (next to the plate age box) may include a "Renewal Notice Message." Registration at the grocery store is not allowed if the notice contains any messages. Area grocery stores do not carry plates.

With a message of "New Plates Required" you can renew your registration either online, by mail, or in person. The county office will mail new plates with the sticker. The old plates will show cancelled on the vehicle record within 48 hours of renewal.

The only message allowed for online registration is "New Plates Required." See back of notice for Explanation of Renewal Notice Messages.

Renewal Options

You may register in person at either of the Tax Assesso​r Office Locations or any participating grocery store and other subcontractor locations.

You may also register by mail or online through our Internet Vehicle Registration Renewal System.

For online registration, credit cards are accepted for a $2.00 convenience fee. See the ​Internet Vehicle Registration Renewal System website for other requirements. Both online registration and registration by mail requires us to send the sticker back to you. There is a $1.00 mail fee if this is requested.