Past Sheriffs

​​​​​​​The first county election for Collin County was held July 13, 1846. The first District Court for Collin County was opened October 21, 1846. The first county seat for Collin County was "Buckner" and was located about four miles northwest of McKinney. The county seat was moved to McKinney in 1848.

1st SheriffKing Custer1846-48
2nd SherifBob Fitzhugh1849-53
3rd SheriffJames H. Lovejoy1854-57
4th SheriffJ. Dud Doak1858-60
5th SheriffJames R. Reed1861-64
6th SheriffJosiah Nichols1865
7th SheriffWilliam C. Hall1866
8th SheriffSimon P. Burns1867
9th SheriffGeorge A. Wilson1868 part of 1869
10th SheriffW.N. Bush1869-72
11th SheriffW.W. Merritt1873-78
12th SheriffWilliams Warden1879-84
13th SheriffGabe Beck1885-88
14th SheriffW.S. Phillips1889-92
15th SheriffJ.L. Moulden1893-96
16th SheriffW.L. Coffee1897-98
17th SheriffJ.W. Pafford1899-1902
18th SheriffTom M. Beverly1903-06
19th SheriffGeorge M. Eubank1907-10
20th SheriffA.T. Robertson1911-14
21st SheriffAlbert McCauley1915-18
22nd SheriffEd Blakeman1919-22
23rd SheriffW.F. Bishop1923-24
24th SheriffW.A. Kerby1925-28
25th SheriffEd Blakeman1929-32
26th SheriffG.J.S. Walker1933-36
27th SheriffE.B. Moore1937-40
28th SheriffW.E. Button1941-44
29th SheriffWilliam L. Brown1945-48
30th SheriffL.C. Brawley1949-52
31st SheriffFloyd E. Williams1953-59
32nd SheriffMary Williams1959-60 (completed husband's term)
33rd SheriffJ.S. Hand1961-68
34th SheriffTom Montgomery1969-72
35th SheriffGeorge Smith1973-74
36th SheriffJerry W. Burton1974-80
37th SheriffJoe Steenbergen1981-part of 1985
38th SheriffTerry G. Box1985-2016
39th Sheriff​Jim Skinner2017-present