Application Process

The Sheriff's Office Professional Standards Section will assist you through the application and hiring process. Questions pertaining to the application process can be answered by calling (972) 547-5155, or by emailing the Professional Standards Section.

While requirements may change based on the position for which you are applying, we may request you complete any or all of the following.

Online Application

The first step is to submit an online application for a Sheriff's Office position listed on the Collin County Careers web page.

Please note that no other step can begin without first completing an online application.

Personal History Statement

If the application meets minimum hiring requirements, the applicant will be sent a Personal History Statement (PHS) to complete.

The PHS will require you to provide in-depth information, including current and previous employment history, addresses, references, etc.

Background Investigation

During this part of the application process, a Professional Standards Investigator will conduct a background investigation and interview the applicant.

The extensive background investigation may include, but is not limited to, contacting all prior/present employers, references, co-workers, ex-spouses, family members, and schools. The applicant's residential history, financial responsibility, military records, and driving history are investigated.

Pre-Employment Physical

Depending on the position the applicant has applied to, one or all of the following may occur during the pre-employment physical:

    • Drug Screening: Applicants will provide samples to be analyzed to detect the use of illegal drugs.
    • Medical Examination: The applicant's medical conditions are evaluated to ensure they can function safely as a Sheriff's Deputy or Detention Officer. Monitoring vital signs, including heart rate, may be included as part of the test.
    • Physical Fitness Assessment: A Physical Fitness Assessment, if required, may include lifting, carrying, running, and other physical exertions.

Psychological Test:

The psychological test, if required, will gauge your psychological competency.

Polygraph Test:

The Polygraph Test, if required, will be administered by an independent party.

In-Person Interviews

The applicant may be interviewed by an individual or an interview board, depending on their applied position.

Additional Requirements

Additional testing may be required depending on the position for which the applicant has applied.

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