Law Enforcement Bureau

The following sections make up the Law Enforcement Bureau. Within this bureau can be found Patrol, Criminal Investigation, Narcotics, Crime Prevention, Health and Safety, Tactical Operations.


Collin County Sheriff's Office Patrol

Foremost is the Patrol Section which is responsible for responding to calls for service from citizens, conducting preliminary investigations of criminal violations, and detecting and arresting those who violate the law.

The patrol staff assists stranded motorists, provides traffic control, and aids other law enforcement agencies in times of crisis.

Patrol is the most highly visible operations of the Collin County Sheriff's Office in the community.


Criminal Investigation & Narcotics

Staff assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section investigates reported criminal offenses by gathering evidence, collecting statements and preparing all paperwork necessary to file cases with the district attorney's office.

The Narcotic Section investigates violations of controlled substance laws, particularly those involving illegal activities of career criminals.

Tactical Operations

Tactical Operations

Also within the Field Operations Division are the Tactical Operations Team and the Reserve Unit.

The Tactical Operations Team is a group of specially trained officers who respond to high risk situations, including barricaded suspects, narcotics raids, hostage situations, and searches for suspects, evidence, and lost individuals.


North Texas Fusion Center

The mission of the North Texas Fusion Center is to protect the citizens of North Texas by creating a synergistic environment among governmental and corporate stakeholders. The North Texas Fusion Center takes an all-crimes, all-hazards approach to the intelligence cycle in an overall effort to mitigate threats or hazards to the North Central Texas Region, while protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens.

Fusion Center References:

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