Law Enforcement Bureau

​​​Welcome to the Law Enforcement Bureau of the Collin County Sheriff's Office, where a dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. The bureau comprises several specialized sections, each contributing uniquely to our comprehensive approach to law enforcement.​

Patrol Section:

​​Foremost is the Patrol Section, the face of law enforcement in our community. ​​​​​The Patrol Section actively engages with the community through various outreach initiatives, making it the most highly visible operation of the Collin County Sheriff's Office.


​This section is responsible for responding promptly to citizens' calls for service, conducting preliminary investigations of criminal violations, and apprehending those who violate the law.

​​Key Responsibilities:

  • Responding to emergency calls and ensuring public safety.
  • Conducting thorough investigations to gather evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Assisting stranded motorists and providing essential traffic control.
  • Collaborating with other law enforcement agencies during times of crisis. ​

Traffic Unit 

The Collin County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit is committed to ensuring public safety on our roads and highways through a range of specialized duties.​

  • Enforcement of Traffic Laws: Rigorous enforcement in high-frequency locations.
  • Vehicle Crash Investigations: Thorough investigations to understand and prevent future incidents.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement: Ensuring compliance for safer transportation practices.
  • Neighborhood Patrols: Addressing traffic concerns for enhanced community safety.
  • Special Events and Dignitary Escorts: Managing traffic during events and ensuring secure transportation.
  • Assistance to Disabled Motorists: Providing support for the safety of all road users.
  • Motorcycle Deputies: Specialized in traffic control at major incidents to maintain efficient traffic flow.​

Deputies are strategically assigned daily throughout Collin County's unincorporated areas, actively ensuring proactive and responsive traffic-related services.

Criminal Investigations Division:​

T​he Criminal Investigations Division (CID) personnel work tirelessly to assist crime victims and maintain the safety and well-being of the community. The CID collaborates with various divisions, agencies, and the community to solve crimes and ensure justice.

​Mission and Capabilities:

Our highly skilled investigative personnel possess the abilities, knowledge, and caliber necessary to process intelligence information, solve cases, arrest offenders, recover stolen property, and develop evidence in a professional and efficient manner.

Units within the Criminal Investigations Division:

​​​​Crimes Against Persons:​

​​Our Crimes Against Persons investigators specialize in criminal cases involving assault, family violence, robbery, sex offenses, harassment, or death. They work diligently to ensure justice for victims and hold offenders accountable.

Crime Victims Assistance:

The Crime Victim Assistance section is dedicated to providing crisis intervention, advocacy, and support services to crime victims. Our trained personnel work collaboratively to help victims re-establish a sense of safety and normalcy. For more details, visit the Crime Victim Assistance page.

Narcotics Unit:

The Narcotics Unit is committed to creating a drug-free Collin County and protecting the lives of current and future generations. They investigate, disrupt, and dismantle organized criminal activities related to drug trafficking, gambling, and prostitution. Using covert surveillance, intelligence-gathering, informants, and search warrants, the unit operates undercover to target individual suppliers and groups involved in narcotics activities.

Property Crimes:

Our Property Crimes investigators specialize in cases involving personal and commercial property, including burglary, thefts, robbery, and criminal mischief. They work to recover stolen property and ensure justice for victims.

Crimes Against Children & Child Exploitation Unit (CAC & CEU):

The CAC and CEU units focus on investigating child abuse (physical and sexual), sexual exploitation of children, child sex trafficking offenses, and internet-facilitated crimes, including child pornography and online solicitation of minors. Detectives conduct proactive and reactive investigations to protect children and provide training and education to the community.

Electronic and Financial Crimes:

Our Electronic and Financial Crimes Investigators specialize in offenses involving forgery, identity theft, credit card abuse, online impersonation, and breach of computer security. They employ advanced techniques to investigate and combat crimes in the digital realm.​

​​For more detailed information on each unit within the Criminal Investigations Division, please explore the respective pages linked above. 

​Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)​

The Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team is a specialized, highly trained unit that is comprised of officers from both Operations and Support Services Bureau’s of the Sheriff's Office. This unit is not staffed full time but activates in situations when they are needed.


SWAT is responsible for the safe execution of high risk search and arrest warrants, narcotics search warrants, and critical incident situations involving barricaded persons or hostages. This specially trained team is equipped to handle complex and challenging scenarios.

Team Members:

All team members are highly dedicated deputies who are required to remain in outstanding physical condition and train together on a monthly basis. The team is led by two Lieutenants who oversee team operations and training. Team members may also specialize in various areas within the unit such as non lethal / chemical weapons or police marksman/snipers.

North Texas Fusion Center


The North Texas Fusion Center plays a crucial role in protecting the citizens of North Texas by fostering collaboration among governmental and corporate stakeholders. Employing an all-crimes, all-hazards approach, the center focuses on the intelligence cycle to mitigate threats and hazards to the North Central Texas Region while safeguarding constitutional rights.

Synergistic Environment:

The center creates a synergistic environment to enhance information sharing and coordination, contributing to a more secure North Texas. For more information on the North Texas Fusion Center and its initiatives, please visit our dedicated page North Texas Fusion Center.

K9 Unit:

The Collin County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit – a specialized team enhancing law enforcement capabilities across Collin County. Our highly trained canine partners primarily focus on narcotics detection, supporting patrol operations, criminal investigations, and assisting neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Core Functions:

  • Narcotics Detection: Targeting illegal substances for a safer community.
  • Patrol Support: Tracking suspects, handler protection, and evidence recovery.
  • Collaboration with Investigations: Enhancing criminal investigations with specialized skills.
  • Search and Rescue: Locating missing persons using keen canine senses.
  • Interagency Cooperation: Assisting neighboring agencies for regional law enforcement unity.

Training and Professionalism:

​Rigorously trained, our K9 Unit maintains the highest performance standards through regular training sessions, ensuring preparedness for any duty.