Reserve Bureau

​Reserve Deputies

Collin County Reserve Deputies are professionally trained and fully licensed Peace Officers. They are dedicated individuals who provide assistance enforcing the laws and serving the citizens of Collin County. What makes Reserve Deputies special is that these individuals provide their services with no compensation in return. And many do this while holding full time jobs. Our Reserve Deputies make a commitment to participate 42 hours every 3 months (14 hours per month).

Some of the areas that our Reserve Deputies contribute are:
  • Patrol
  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Warrants
  • Fugitive Transfer
  • Community Events
  • Parade Traffic Control/Fun Runs/ Bike Rallies​
  • Jail Intelligence
  • Hospital Security
  • DWI Enforcement
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Tactial Medical Support Unit (MSU)​

If you are not currently licensed as a Texas Peace Officer and do not have United States Military Special Operations experience the Basic Peace Officer course is available through the Collin College Law Enforcement Academy. The night time academy (if available) will take approximately 10 months to complete. Individuals that wish to enroll in this academy may complete their application to the Reserve Unit before graduation but will not be granted admittance to the Collin County Sheriff's Office Reserves until a license is obtained.

Reserve Detention Officers

Collin County Reserve Detention Officers are professionally trained and fully licensed Texas Jailers. They are dedicated individuals who work alongside full-time Deputies and full-time Detention Officers.

Some of the duties performed include the following:

  • Cluster Control and Movement within the Jail
  • Detention Intelligence
  • Courtroom Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Community Events
  • Prisoner Transfer
  • Missing Person Searches

If you would like to pursue this opportunity, to be a Reserve Detention Officer we will pay to train and certify you to work as a licensed Detention Officer. In order for you to become certified, you will need to attend a 3 week long training course and pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) state exam to receive a jailer's license. After receiving your jailers license you will work with our Field Training Officers to complete on the job training.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking professionally minded individuals who want to contribute to our community by volunteering their time to serve in our Reserve Bureau. WE WOULD LOVE TO SPEAK WITH YOU, if

  • You are not satisfied with your current Reserve Command,
  • You have previous Special Operations experience in the United States Armed Forces (Texas Senate House Bill 162, also known as the "Chris Kyle" bill, allows you to fast-track your licensing requirements),
  • You are a retired Police Officer or soon to be retired Peace Officer,
  • You are a Physician and would like to participate in our Tactical Physicians Unit (Peace Officer license not required).
  • You are a professionally minded individual and are either a licensed Peace Officer or willing to become licensed at your own expense.

State law requires all reserve candidates to go through the same stringent background check and training as someone seeking regular, full-time employment with any Texas law enforcement agency. Candidates must also pass the same state exam for licensing as a regular officer. An extensive background investigation and drug testing help ensure only applicants of good moral character and reputation enter the reserve organization.

Anyone interested in joining the Reserve Unit or anyone having questions should email Assistant Chief Deputy Cary Platt.