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collapse Department : Communications (Dispatch) ‎(1)
Communications Manager
Marie Lemonds
(972) 547-5350
Communications and Dispatch
collapse Department : Crime Victim Advocate ‎(1)
Crime Victim Advocate
Celina Peters
(972) 547-5119
collapse Department : Detention Bureau ‎(1)
Assistant Chief Deputy
Johnny Jaquess
(972) 547-5211
Jail Housing, County Corrections, Programs, Booking, Release, Classification, Jail Case Coordinator, Mail, Laundry, Kitchen Services, Courthouse, and Medical.
collapse Department : Law Enforcement Bureau ‎(1)
Assistant Chief Deputy
Jeff Price
Patrol, Criminal Investigations, North Texas Fusion Center, Crimes Against Children, Child Exploitation Unit, Traffic, DWI Enforcement and  K-9
collapse Department : North Texas Fusion Center ‎(1)
Malcolm McLaughlin
(214) 491-6800
The Fusion Center is a collaborative effort of multiple agencies that provide resources, expertise, and/or information to the Center with the goal of maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.
collapse Department : Professional Standards Section ‎(1)
Christopher Campbell
(972) 547-5155
Quarter Master, Training, Complaints, Employment, Hiring Processes, Job Applications.
collapse Department : Public Affairs ‎(1)
Public Affairs Sergeant
Sergeant Jessica Pond
(972) 547-5181
collapse Department : Public Information Office ‎(1)
Jessica Pond
(972) 547-5223
This section provides information for inquiries concerning media relations, news, or public information.

Please note: The PIO does not handle PIA requests for Obtaining Records or Expungements.
collapse Department : Sherriff’s Office Administration ‎(2)
Chief Deputy
Matt Langan
Jim Skinner
collapse Department : Special Operations Bureau ‎(1)
Assistant Chief Deputy
Mark Spears
(972) 547-5180
Interdiction, Narcotics, Fugitive Task Force, Gang and Habitual Offender Task Force and other Special Units
collapse Department : Support Services Bureau ‎(1)
Assistant Chief Deputy
William Armstrong
(972) 547-5537
Professional Standards, Civil Process, Mental Health,  Equipment Services, Warrants, Records, Communications, and Dispatch.
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